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Pokapū whare noho


CCMP envisages transit-oriented development to create two new urban neighbourhoods around Dominion Junction and the City Rail Link (CRL) Maungawhau / Mount Eden Station. This includes new and enhanced walking and cycling connections including a signature beltline greenway along Ian McKinnon Drive.



  • Future development
  • Public transport streets
  • Uptown precinct
  • Ian McKinnon integration
  • General traffic priority
  • City to village links
Te takiwā tāone mō anamata

Future urban neighbourhood

Light Rail Transit (LRT) has the potential to unlock a whole new future urban neighbourhood in the city fringe, in the location of the current Dominion Road flyover.

The masterplan envisages an opportunity to create a mixed-use neighbourhood of four quadrants, built around a new urban junction and future LRT stop.

This offers the opportunity to achieve multiple urban development, social and environmental outcomes in a way that also reduces the severance and separation between city centre and city fringe.

This is a key goal of Transformational move 7: City to the villages.

Ngā hononga ara hīkoi, pahikara hoki

Walking and cycling connections

Opportunity exists to establish new walking and cycling connections parallel with the railway corridor connecting the neighbouring transit-oriented development nodes at Dominion Junction and Maungawhau / Mt Eden.

These connections will, over the life of the masterplan:

  • unlock and leverage the proximity benefits between the two stations and development nodes
  • help open up access to the whole area
  • increase the transformative potential of the transit investment in the southern fringe.
Teihana Maungawhau / Mount Eden

Maungawhau / Mount Eden rail station

Post-CRL opening, land acquired for construction will provide the potential for more than 100,000 square metres of residential and commercial building in the immediate vicinity of Mt Eden Station.

This provides potential for over 1100 homes and 2300 future residents, creating a new future urban neighbourhood closely oriented around the rail station.

A new finer grain block and street pattern will be created enhancing access and seamless connections between the station and main arteries of Mt Eden and New North roads.

Te ara rerewē o Ian McKinnon

Ian McKinnon beltline

In addition to accommodating light rail between the city centre and Dominion Road, the masterplan envisages a much bolder future for Ian McKinnon Drive.

Making use of land within the motorway corridor, it will create a generous and quality green link of generous and comfortable walking and cycling connections between Karangahape Road and the future neighbourhood at Dominion Junction.

This will be a beltline or route that could become as celebrated and loved as Te Ara I Whiti Lightpath is today.

Te tūhonotanga o te pokapū whare noho

Uptown integration

The transit investment and associated development opportunity for Karangahape Road, Mount Eden and Dominion Junction catchments will also likely invigorate the in-between uptown neighbourhood of Eden Terrace on Upper Symonds Street, Khyber Pass and Newton Road.

While lacking the abundant access coming to neighbouring nodes, as gentrification takes root, the neighbourhood may present an opportunity for people and activity priced out of adjoining higher value areas.