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Te whakamahinga tika o ngā wāhi tiriti

More efficient use of street space

Car parking in the city centre

There are an estimated 50,000 off-street car parks in the city centre. This includes council-owned buildings, publicly available privately-owned car parks, and private car parks.

The pricing and availability of these spaces influences traffic volumes within the city centre. On-street car parking is currently priced to ensure optimal use of kerbside space and reduce vehicles circling to find a parking space. Car parking in the city centre is not encouraged under the Unitary Plan, due to the availability of public transport.

With the growth in direct-to-customer deliveries, taxis and ride hailing trips, there is an increasing demand for kerbside space is increasing steadily.

Further improving the use of kerbside parking 

There needs to be greater understanding and provision for the vital servicing and loading activities that support a thriving city centre. This may be in terms of the volume, location and types of vehicles provided for, as well as the time management of these spaces.

Auckland Transport is investigating revised kerbside management strategies to use street space more efficiently. The reallocation and improved management of kerbside space will be a key solution to deliver streets that work better for a wider range of users (including Total Mobility) and make city centre streets more inclusive.

More efficient freight movement

The Port of Auckland is a key destination for high volumes of large trucks. Although this traffic should use the State Highway network, sometimes arterial streets within the city centre are used.

AT will continue to work with the port, NZTA and the freight industry on ways to streamline port truck movements. One example is to provide dedicated freight lanes along SH16 - see Transformational move 2: The east and west stitch.

Some large truck movements are still to be expected within the city centre as part of construction works, moving large items or exceptionally large deliveries.

There are also over-weight and over-dimension truck routes within the city centre which must be kept available. These must be factored into street designs.

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